Laboratory Service

Laboratory Service

The Clinical Laboratory Department at Faafu Atoll Hospital boasts of well-equipped state-of-art technologies for evaluating the full range of patient specimens, including blood, urine, stool, and various other body fluids by sophisticated automated equipment’s following all the necessary guidelines and protocols.

GRH- Laboratory Department operates 24 hours and consists a team of highly trained and experienced laboratory technicians and assistants working at every phase of healthcare delivery throughout our lives to prevent, diagnose and investigate the causal analysis of disease, which facilitates this integral and essential service by delivering safe and effective patient care and providing clinicians with accurate and timely information for managing patients and achieving the best possible health outcomes.

GRH- Laboratory services encompass various sections including Clinical biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Clinical pathology, Cytology, Coagulation and Blood transfusion services.

GRH- Laboratory equipped with fully automated analyzers and modern technologies which includes:

  • OCD- VITROS 5600 & 350 – Biochemistry and immunoassay
  • ABBOTT Architect i1000SR - Immunoassay
  • SYSMEX XN1000 - Hematology
  • BIORAD D10 – Glycosylated hemoglobin
  • Magister C24 – Blood Bank
  • ABBOTT iSTAT – Coagulation
  • Cepheid Gene Xpert – SARS COV2 & MTB Sputum
  • Quality Control – Internal and Bio-Rad third party quality controls.
  • Elements of quality assurance like digital reporting, implementing Standard Operating procedures, conducting various online and offline trainingprograms adopting new methodology and technology.

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